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Chairman’s Column

O2 Public School, Dhuliyan, Murshidabad run by A Unit of Jeet Charitable Society is an ideal residential cum Co-educational institute which has been established this year with multipurpose objects. As Chairman of this glorious institution, I convey my good wishes to all of you to assist as by sending your sons and daughters to be educated through imparting lessons by our distinguished teachers.

I stronghy hope that our School will be able to fulfil the objects of true sense of education by spreading knowledge among the students.

Nipon Jeet Biswas Chairman
O2 Public School (HS)

From TIC Desk

Education is liberating energy, and nowadays, it is rapidly running through the barriers of class and cost; trying to balance the inequalities imposed by birth, poverty and superstitions. We know that, “education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”

So, the students of our school always stepping towards betterment form average to briiliants; because the darkness of illiteracy will only be eradicated by the light of knowledge.

Tajuddin Ahamed
O2 Public School (HS)

Director’s Column

Being the Director of O2 Public School it is being cited that we have established and started this institute this year i.e. in the year of 2014 with the blessings of enormous Parsons interested in education. For this purpose we are hard-working for its development. O2 Public School is our main dream and we are confirmed to fulfill our dream by spreading education among the students belonging to irrespective of religion, creed and caste. Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. We are promised to flourish the talent of the children through proper guidance.

Your active Cooperation is highly appreciated to develop the institute.

Babar Biswas Director
O2 Public School (HS)
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